Test Your Sex Ed Smarts

Are you sex savvy?

Think you know the score about sex?

We've all taken tests before—you know, the ones that reveal "How Kinky Are You?" or "What's Your Sexual I.Q.?" But do you know the answers to the questions that really count? Knowing how to protect yourself from pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections is the only way to really be "sex savvy."

Keep reading to see if you have all the answers you think you do.

Question #1

My girlfriend and I are having sex. We both think it would be smart to get her some birth control pills, but we don't know how—we're both under 18, and we really don't want to ask either of our parents.

Answer #1

Question #2

I want to get tested—but where can guys get an STD test?

Answer #2

Question #3

What are the riskiest times of the month to have sex and not get pregnant? What's the best way to avoid pregnancy?

Answer #3

Question #4

I had unprotected sex with my ex-boyfriend, and now I am really worried. He said we were safe because I am on the pill and because he had only had sex with virgins. Should I still get tested for STDs?

Answer #4

Question #5

I'm on the pill, but I don't have a car, so it is a real problem trying to get my pills every month. Is there any way I can get them without having to go to the clinic in person?

Answer #5

Question #6

A guy I know says that if I don't have sex with him, he will spread rumors about me. What should I do?

Answer #6


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