Stats on Sex Education


Are Parents Talking About Sex?

Parental communication has been linked to positive sexual health outcomes for young people. Unfortunately, many adolescents are disappointed by when, what, and how often their parents talk to them about sexuality. This statewide survey seeks the answers to: When should parents start talking to their children about sex? How often to parents and kids actually talk? What are families talking about, and what is being left out? What are the barriers to effective communication? Learn more here.

The facts about abstinence-only education

Our government spends millions of tax dollars funding abstinence-only-until-marriage programs. But research finds they are ineffective, teach medically inaccurate information and may actually be causing harm to young people. Learn more here.

What's being taught? Study results

HIV/AIDS is covered in less than half of Sexuality Education courses, even though the law requires it! See more about what topics are (and aren’t) being covered in classrooms, according to a survey of teachers, nurses and counselors in Indiana’s public middle and high schools. Conducted in part by Indiana University's Center for Sexual Health Promotion. View the survey highlights (en Español). (PDF)


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